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Thinking about a career in warehousing?

The Transport and Logistics Industry was estimated to account for 8.6 per cent of GDP in 2013, contributing $131.6 billion to the Australian economy. Freight volumes have nearly tripled over the past three decades and will continue to increase.

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Why warehousing?

By 2017 the logistics and warehousing sectors will employ about 390,000 people. With the explosion of goods being imported and exported with Asia, the sector is crucial to Australia’s economic prosperity.

The following occupations are in demand:

  • Import Export Clerk and Freight forwarding Operators
  • Warehouse Assistants
  • Forklift Drivers
  • Container Forklift Drivers (including Reach Stacker)
  • Warehouse Administrator / Warehouse Manager

How does Foresite support careers in warehousing?

A good starting point is the Certificate II in Yard Operations (Freight Handler), the next step maybe the Certificate III in Warehousing Operations, to become a proficient operative.

Those seeking a management position would be well suited to the Certificate IV Warehousing program which provides the knowledge and skills to run a busy distribution centre.

We are the leading forklift provider in the industry. Whether it’s a Counterbalance, a Reach Truck or you want an Order Picker licence, we are used to turning novices into skilled operators.

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