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Thinking about a career in road transport?

Road transport is the predominant means of moving freight around Australia. It is the link that takes freight to ports and terminals and distributes goods between warehouses and retail outlets.

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road-transportWhy road transport?

Road transport also includes businesses that provide passenger transport such as buses, coaches and taxis, which deal with the challenges of operating in congested city centres.

The freight task is set to double by 2020. This means the sector requires new skills:

• Truck Drivers – General Freight, Multi-combination, B-Double
• Delivery Drivers (M/R – H/R licence)
• Taxi Drivers
• Bus Drivers

How does Foresite support careers in road transport?

Foresite offers training and licensing programs from Light Rigid to B-Double. In addition we offer Certificate programs in Driving Operations, which provide much more than just a licence.

We are aiming to lift the skill set of the industry to support a safer workforce, reducing accidents and repair bills with less wear and tear on vehicles.

Our defensive driving programs also teach people to drive more economically reducing fuel use.

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