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Construction Training Course

Thinking about a career in construction?

Approximately one in ten people work in the construction, resources and infrastructure sectors. That is nearly 2 million people, which means there are lots of opportunities for those who want to give it a go.

Construction Training Course

Why a construction training course?

The construction industry offers many exciting and rewarding career options. There are jobs in construction that you may never even have thought about. Foresite can offer construction training courses to get you started on the residential, commercial and large civil construction projects.


There is lots of variety and an opportunity to work on different sites around Australia. You can potentially learn a trade, practice new skills and work with your mates. Lots of construction companies are small businesses, so you have the opportunity to be your own boss.

With a wide variety of options there is bound to be a construction career to suit you.

How does Foresite support careers in construction?

Foresite offers a range of programs including full qualifications and short courses to get you started or to enable you to take your next step. A good entry point is the Certificate II in Construction Pathways, which gives you an introduction the industry and will help you to decide which path to take. The next step may be Civil Construction (Plant Operations) or a trade like Concreting or Bricklaying.

Induction card

Whatever you do, you will need a White Card, which is a general construction induction card. This is issued to a person who successfully completes training and assessment in the unit of competency – CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry. You need to have it prior to getting onto a construction site.

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