Safe Towing Training
Safe Towing Training

If you need to brush up on your reversing techniques or better understand safe towing with a caravan, boat or trailer, this course is constructed for all levels of experience to improve your skills in effective towing of a trailing vehicle for business or pleasure purposes.

To ensure you are safe and confident we train using your vehicle and loaded trailer or caravan. The training is delivered at our new custom built facility in Laverton North that includes an off-road training and reversing area for you to practice skills in complete safety.

Safe Towing
Course Overview

  • How to prepare a vehicle for towing
  • How to prepare a trailer/caravan for towing
  • Trip planning
  • Vehicle safety checks
  • Safe loading and restraint principles including coupling and uncoupling trailers
  • Road law specific to towing
  • Safe towing techniques
  • Safe straight and offset reversing
  • Boat ramp safety and reversing (if applicable)
Who is this course designed for?

This course is designed to build skills, knowledge and confidence in the safe towing of caravans, boats or trailers.

Requirements: A current Australian drivers licence for the class of vehicle you are driving must be presented prior to training commencement. Your vehicle and trailer will be inspected prior to training commencement and must be in
roadworthy condition.

Course Duration: 4 hours.

Course Outcome: A Certificate of Attendance upon request

Course Price: $450 per person