This course teaches front end loader operations in the civil construction industry. Operators will gain competency and confidence to bulk load and stockpile materials, level and strip sites and restrain a wheeled front end loader for transport.


At Foresite Training we offer training that is nationally recognised by industry from the Resources and Infrastructure Industry (RII) Training Package.  This means that your earthmoving ticket will be recognised throughout Australia in the mining and infrastructure sectors.

  • Learn to operate modern plant used by industry
  • Each student is allocated earth moving plant for the course duration
  • Practical and theory training
  • Maximum plant time for practical, hands-on training

We also offer shorter courses to NOHSC standards, for further details please call 1300 366 015

We offer 2 different courses to match your experience level.

4-5 Days RII Front End Loader Course
Course Overview

  • Pre-operational inspection
  • Familiarisation of the Loader
  • Handling characteristics
  • Manoeuvring of the Loader
  • Loading
  • Levelling
  • OH&S
  • Theory training
  • Loader theory assessment
  • Loader operational assessment
Who is this course designed for?

Our 4-5 Days front end loader training and assessment course is for people with no previous experience operating this type of machinery.


  • Students must have valid photo ID (driver’s licence or passport)
  • Must wear steel capped boots

Course Duration: 4-5 Days

Course Outcome: Successful students receive an industry recognised competency ticket

Price: $999.00

Course FAQ
* Should the required level of competency not be achieved, additional training days will be needed and charged at $350 per day

  1. What is the technical name?
    Articulated Wheeled Front-end loader
  2. What is it commonly called?
    Loader, Front-end loader.
  3. What type/brand of Loader does Foresite Training operate?
    Terex (Made in Germany)
  4. Is it 2WD of 4WD?
  5. Is the Loader Articulated?
  6. What’s the difference between articulated and non-articulated (also known as ‘fixed chassis’)?
    A ‘proper’ Loader is articulated. If you want a job operating a Loader in a Garden Center, Nursery, Building site, Quarry or Mine, you’ll need experience operating an Articulated Loader like we have. A ‘Non-articulated’ or ‘Fixed’ loader is basically a tractor with a bucket attachment (this is what our competitors use!)
  7. What controls does it have?
    Single lever (Joystick controls) that controls both the arm and the bucket.
  8. Is it an Open Cab or an Enclosed Cab (also known as an AC Cab or Closed cab)?
    Fully enclosed, heated and Air Conditioned Cab.
  9. How big is it?
    The operating weight is 5.9tons