Would you like to star in your own Foresite Training video testimonial?

We’re currently inviting our students (new and old) to get involved filming a video interview. You’ll be sharing your experiences and helping influence new students to follow in your footsteps…

video-ipadIt’s good to share

Simply have a quick chat with Rick our Head of Marketing, who’ll ask you a few questions about your time with us.  Some examples below:

  • What made you select Foresite Training
  • How did you find the facilities and equipment
  • Tell us about your trainer(s)
  • What was the best thing about your course
  • What advice would you give to a new student
  • Has the course help your career or job prospects
  • In one word, rate your experience with Foresite Training

Your answers with be filmed, edited and posted on our website, blog and social media. You can even have your own copy if you like.

Be inspiring, get involved today!

We’ll arrange a time and a place for Rick to come and meet you at one of our training facilities near you.  Or at your place of work if that suits you better. We may even be able to get your trainer involved too.

If you are interested in getting involved call Rick on 0437 986 214 or complete the quick form below.