Foresite Training is delighted to announce its partnership with the Marsh Foundation.  With donated medical equipment, the Marsh Foundation ships containers of recycled medical equipment into the poorest areas of Bali and beyond.  The Marsh Foundation is now the number one medical equipment recycling group in the region.

Foresite Training will provide valuable warehouse space for the Marsh Foundation to store donated and recycled medical equipment that is currently shipped to Indonesia, East Timor and Tonga.  This contribution cuts one of the foundation’s significant outgoings and thereby releases important funds for covering the cost of containers to reach their destinations.  Foresite also benefits through providing real stock and practical experience for students to unload, inventory, store and pick for dispatch.

Foresite Training has also offered to facilitate “packing days” for volunteers and supporters of the Marsh Foundation.

Marsh Foundation Executive Officer Deborah Walton said:  “We are absolutely thrilled to receive this very practical support from Foresite Training.  Every dollar saved in rent is a dollar towards the next container to people in need of medical supplies and equipment.  Our sincerest and heartfelt thank you goes out to the team at Foresite Training”.