Left to right: Peter Hall MLC, Andrew Elsbury MLC

After officially opening Foresite Training’s new state of the art skills training facility in Laverton North, the Hon. Peter Hall MLC, State Minister for Higher Education and Skills commended Foresite Training for its investment and its continuing commitment to providing quality training in the Western suburbs in Tuesday’s Parliament Question Time.

The Minister said: “There are skills shortages in the areas of warehousing and transport, and they [Foresite Training] are addressing those skills shortages in the west with the provision of these training facilities and the opportunity for many young people to engage in training. The training varies from basic forklift operations, for example, as you would expect in warehousing logistics, through to driver training and also training in the operation of machinery. Mr Elsbury, and the mayor of the City of Wyndham, I might add, survived a backseat journey while I drove a B-double around the training area, and it was a pleasure for me to experience the opportunity of driving, albeit briefly, that particular vehicle.”

The Minister also mentioned Foresite Training’s support of charities Kids Under Cover and The Marsh Foundation, the latter of which will be using Foresite’s warehouse facility to store and dispatch much needed medical supplies to Indonesia